Sunday 23 January 2011

Welcome to the Rude site

This site is dedicated to provide good examples of the 40 official drum rudiments. More specifically, there is one page for each rudiment and each page is a link target from the Rude drum training app.

As you have reached this page, you probably got here through some other link or search engine and not from the Rude app. That is OK, please feel welcome to browse and use the site freely (of course, as most of the content is kindly provided by others anyway). If you find something strange, wrong or have suggestions on improvements, additional info or useful links, just send me a mail on software (at) I really appreciate it!

For more information on the Rude drum training app, please visit the Android market or Skrivarna. For links to the individual rudiment pages, see the side bar to the right.


  1. Great site and Android app!
    Learning drums for everyone.
    Thank you! :-)

  2. Thank you for the app and this site. I have started to play drums and find that very helpful!

    I would like to purchase the Rude Practice Pad Play Drums, but why should I give you permission to access my files and pictures as requested before downloading? That's a bit strange.